Amber and Patrick Study in China

Last month Amber and Patrick (owners and acupuncturists at Advanced Healing) had the unique opportunity to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Fujian University of TCM in FuZhou, China.  Though schools in the United States provide very good and thorough educations, there is no substitute for the history, depth of study and resources that go into TCM in China.  We were also honored to be the first Westerners to study at the University, which was exciting for us and many of the people we met (more on later).

Most of our study was at the University hospital, the 3rd Provincial Hospital of Fujian, a fully integrated (western and Chinese medicine departments) hospital where most patients receive both modern western and Traditional Chinese Medicine care.

Attached are photos of the University campus in Fu Zhou. Fu Zhou is in the southeastern part of China near the coast, as close to Taiwan as you can get on mainland China.  Most TCM schools in the United States are small and contained in just a building or two.  This campus, with close to ten thousand students, rivals that of many big U.S. state schools.  The campus, surrounded on three sides by mountains, was designed and shaped like a giant tai chi symbol (often called a yin/yang symbol) and includes a huge Chinese medicinal herb garden, beautiful lake and the most impressive museum of TCM we have ever seen.

Over the next several weeks we will add more blog posts and photos about our experiences and things we learned.  Some topics will include the differences between medicine in China and the U.S., new (to us) treatment methods including the “moxa BBQ” and our experience in the “Space Station of TCM”.

Amber and Patrick outside the hospital:

Entrance to the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden:

View of Campus at Sunset:



The library:

Pagoda at the top of campus:

Herb Garden with the Hospital in the background

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