Free Herbs for the month of May!

Many of you might think we only do acupuncture and massage at Advanced Healing.  While these methods can be incredibly effective for a wide range of issues, herbal treatment is another very important part of Chinese medicine.  Chinese herbs-mostly roots, leaves and other natural items-are cooked then taken internally or used topically.

For many conditions, like digestive disorders, fertility support and other internal issues herbs are even more important for successful treatment than acupuncture.  When the two are combined it creates a powerful healing system.   

Herbs work differently from pharmaceuticals, they don’t target a specific symptom but help to bring the whole body into balance and can resolve a variety of issues.  Because they work by balancing the whole body, when prescribed correctly there are no side effects other than improving overall body function.  Patients often note improved sleep, better mood, improved digestion or less pain when taking the right herbal formula.  Herbs can work very quickly and effectively for some acute conditions (like the common cold) or require more long-term use for chronic conditions.  

Traditionally herbs are slowly cooked into a tea, taken daily and usually taste very earthy, to put it nicely.  At Advanced Healing we use mostly patents, which are the herbs already cooked and then dehydrated into pills.  The brands we carry are completely natural products and GMP certified, strictly tested for pesticides and foreign substances.  

For the month of May, Advanced Healing is offering all of our patients free herbal supplements when they come in for regular priced acupuncture.  Just mention this post and we’ll talk to figure out the right formula for you.  

(Offer details:  Receive a one week supply of in-stock patent herbs with each regular priced acupuncture visit. Notify your practitioner of all current medications. Valid only for May 2017)

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