About Advanced Healing

Advanced Healing was founded in its current location at the Providence Milwaukie Hospital complex in 2002 as the premier integrative medicine location in Milwaukie. Our second location opened in Hillsboro in 2017, expanding Advanced Healing's services and offers much needed holistic health care to the area. Our well-rounded team specializes in numerous areas, so we have a practitioner for you no matter your condition. We have helped countless people recover from pain and many other conditions to return to their normal lives. We use time-tested and research-proven modalities to get the best results for our patients. We are excited and honored to work with you at Advanced Healing and look forward to many years of service to the Milwaukie and Hillsboro communities.

Our Amazing Team

Patrick Gazzini

Licensed Acupuncturist

Originally from New York, Patrick earned his B.S. in Biology at Villanova University and M.S. in Health and Human Performance at McNeese State University in Louisiana. He came to the Pacific NW to study at one of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine schools in the country, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where he received his MAcOM, and became certified as an instructor of Qi Gong in 1000 Hands Buddha technique.

He also studied through the International College of Applied Kinesiology to become certified in the holistic system that balances structural, chemical and mental health. Patrick combines the best of many styles to individualize the treatment for each patient to get them the best, and fastest results. These acupuncture methods include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tan Balancing Method, Master Tong style, electro acupuncture, muscle motor point, and trigger point needling. In addition to acupuncture he uses a number of modalities to best treat a given condition including Tuina manual therapy, nutrition counseling, Chinese Herbal Medicine, cupping, gua sha, moxa/heat therapy, qi gong and sound therapy. Before his career in medicine, Patrick was a competitive track and field athlete, winning the New York State Championship in high school and later becoming an All-Big East performer at Villanova. He continued on to coach college Track and Field at Columbia University in New York City. While coaching, Patrick learned the importance of keeping athletes healthy and decided to pursue a career in medicine. He saw how powerful Eastern Medicine could be, and how under-utilized it is in the world of healthcare. His background and interest in performance and athletics fed his passion to learn about the human body and how to help it function optimally. In his spare time Patrick stays active and enjoys running, taking his pup on adventures and playing soccer in Portland. He loves to travel and enjoys cooking, playing piano and hiking.

Amber Reding

Licensed Acupuncturist

A Portland native, Amber is eager to help others and give back to the community that raised her. She is passionate about about helping people live healthy lives including a balance between physical, mental and emotional health. She is a talented healer that not only uses acupuncture and Eastern Medicine to relieve symptoms but works with you to improve body alignment, workplace posture and lifestyle.

Amber attended the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR where she earned her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree. She is nationally board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and a certified teacher in hot Hatha and hot Vinyasa Yoga. She uses her varied background and skills in body alignment to coach people on the structure of their own bodies to reduce pain and promote balance in living.
A graduate of Marquette University, Amber studied International Affairs, Military/Political Relations and Arab Studies. As a commissioned US Army Officer and female combat veteran, Amber is particularly sensitive to the many ways that events can create trauma in our lives. She strives to create a safe, trauma informed space where she hopes all people feel comfortable and safe. She understands at the most basic level, healing begins with a safe place and a kind touch.
Amber’s wide range of experience, from desk work with the US Army Corps of Engineers to her deployment in Afghanistan helped her develop her knowledge in structural alignment, workplace pain management and meditation. She has coached co-workers on how to stay pain free while working stationery jobs and helped soldiers get through the stressors of a war zone. She’s excited to help you achieve better health and reach your goals too.

Sibyl Voelker

Licensed Acupuncturist

Sibyl is passionate about finding balance in life and also helping people take control of their own health and wellness. She believes that the healing process can be both exciting and empowering, and that acupuncture and East Asian medicine are invaluable tools along the way. She especially loves working with families and young children, women's health patients and fertility clients.

She encourages patients to seek acupuncture not just as a last resort, but as the first line of defense and support in their day to day life. She welcomes all of her clients without judgement and feels honored to be a part of their health journey. She incorporate a wide variety of modalities into her treatments. She is trained in Tuina, moxibustion, cupping, guasha and qigong meditation and regularly use these techniques to aid treatment.
She attended college at Portland State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in micro/molecular biology. She received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine after four years of study and clinical work at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She also is nationally board certified in Chinese herbal medicine.
In her free time she can be found hanging out and having fun with her husband and kids. They love cooking together, gardening and hiking around all of the green spaces in and around this beautiful city.

Jeff Luster

Licensed Acupuncturist

Jeff’s treatment style is focused on pain management and he aims to help people mitigate their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. Jeff is an advocate for a Japanese preventative healthcare and healing tradition called Shinrin Yoku, which translates to “Taking in the forest atmosphere”. Jeff is a natural healer who works with you to create individualized treatments to get the best results.

Through his massage therapy background in Nevada City CA, Jeff realized that nature provides a potent healing potential. He has an intrinsic motivation to study nature and the human body.
Jeff studied at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR. Within this program he also learned Tuina and Shiatsu massage and he received a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
He is a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, licensed by the Oregon Medical Board to practice Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the state of Oregon, a board certified herbalist, Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master/ Teacher. Jeff is eager to work with you to get you pain free and help you align with the natural world.